Debed is the wateriest river in the RA territory and the largest mountain river in the Kuri basin. In ancient times, the lower course of the river was called Berdahoj. It is formed by the confluence of the Dzoraget and Pambak rivers and at the borders of Georgia flows into Khram river from the right. The length is 178 km (in Armenia: 152 km). The water basin is 4080 km², of which 3790 km² is in Armenia.

Erman and Labau canals start from Debed. Notable tributaries are: Marts, Acher, Shnogh. In the coastal area of ​​Debed, there are many monasteries of historical and spiritual value: Haghpat, Sanahin, Kobair, Akhtala, Karasnitz Mankants.

Debed river is often described as a terrifying river in Armenian literature. In H. Tumanyan’s poem “Loretsi Sakon”, the lyrical hero goes crazy, being alone at night in the Debed gorge.

Debed valley is also notable for another feature: the latter is two-story, on the slopes you can see the layers of the lava base, which seem to be floors.

Recently, Debed River is also a popular destination for rafting enthusiasts. Armland Adventure Club also organizes expeditions to Debed Gorge, in the framework of which the participants engage in rafting.

The article was compiled based on observations and materials collected by the ArmLand club.

Author of photos: Artyom Martirosyan