The Khustup mountain is also a part of the Bargushat mountains, along with the Katar massif. The length of Khustup is 44 km, and the maximum height is 3201 m.

Khustup is located in Syunik marz, not far from Kapan. The mountain is composed of volcanic and sedimentary rocks. It has rich vegetation, the northeastern part is even covered with forests. There are also caves and rock formations on the slopes of the mountain. The last 100 meters are rocky. Khustup is often covered with heavy snow, the melting of which created the Vachagan River.


The ascent of Khustup mountain is organized with an overnight stay, because it is quite far from the city. As soon as we reach Kapan, ​​we go up to Navchai with all-terrain vehicles, to the tent site. On the first day, we spend the night in tents, under the starry sky of Syunik. Under the morning twilight, we begin the ascent to the glorious Khustup. There is a cold spring on the slope of the mountain, about 200 m below the summit. From the top there is an indescribable view of the endless mountain range of Zangezur and the proud plateau of Syunik.

The word “Khutu” in Khustup’s name means prayer. The mountain is considered a holy mountain. It has always been a place of worship and a pilgrimage destination. Khustup has another feature. At the request of Garegin Nzhdeh, his relics were buried on the slope of this holy mountain, near the source of Kozni. His bust is placed there, his gaze fixed on the columned heights. And as he would say, it is on those proud heights that the salvation of the Armenian nation lies.



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The article was compiled based on observations and materials collected by the ArmLand club.

Author of photos: Artyom Martirosyan