2020 was a difficult and difficult year for all of us. Due to the pandemic situation, we had to stop for a long time the hikes that have become a way of life for us. But, after some time, they resumed again. it was the turn, again, of new discoveries.
We often organize expeditions with the aim of getting to know our homeland better and discovering its cozy corners for both our compatriots and our foreign friends.
During one such expedition, we discovered a whole cascade of waterfalls, which soon became a popular route.

On August 25, 2020, we went on an expedition to Gegharkunik region, Sevan mountains. From the beginning, we planned to climb one of the peaks of Sevan. Therefore, we went to Avazan village in Gegharkunik region, where the day full of discoveries began. We climbed a peak that was about 3000 meters high, after which we continued our way through two mountains and came across these wonderful waterfalls.

During each expedition, we study the terrain in detail with the help of topographical maps. Before the expedition, we already knew that there is a river in this area, but we had no information about waterfalls. Even on any printed map there was no mention of the location of the falls. However, knowing that there is a high possibility of a waterfall in those parts, where there are gorges and recesses, we moved in that direction. The expectations were justified. We discovered a whole cascade, consisting of 3 water-rich waterfalls, which we called Sevan waterfalls.
2021 On May 22, we made the first group trip to the beautiful Sevan waterfalls. The enthusiasm was greater than expected, and we can already say with certainty that the Sevan waterfalls will be on the list of requested routes.
Indeed, our country is a country of endless love and discovery.

The article was compiled based on observations and materials collected by the ArmLand club.

Author of photos: Artyom Martirosyan