One of the beautiful waterfalls of Armenia falls on the border of Shirak and Lori marzes. Trchkan waterfall, located on the Chichkhan River, a left tributary of the Pambak River, has been included in the list of natural monuments of the Republic of Armenia since 2008, and a special guarded zone has been established since 2011. The beautiful waterfall falling from a height of 23.5 m is the highest and most abundant waterfall in RA. Trchkan waterfall is also known as Chichkhani waterfall or Trchkan water, and locals call it Chran. It is located in the administrative area of ​​Mets Parni village, about 10 km north-west of Shirakamut village.


There are two ways to reach the bird: on foot or by all-terrain vehicles.

The best option to enjoy all the charm of nature and feel all the energy transferred from the waterfall is to hike there. We enter the road from the village of Dzorashen. After walking about 4 km, this natural wonder opens before you.


The waterfall became the focus of everyone’s attention in 2011, when a decision was made to build a hydroelectric power plant in the area above the waterfall.

As we have already mentioned, Trchkan waterfall is included in the list of natural monuments of RA and according to the law, any activity that may threaten its protection is prohibited in the area occupied by natural monuments of RA. However, Robshin LLC was given permission to build a small hydroelectric power plant with a installed capacity of 1050 kW.

Concerned about the fate of the waterfall, a group of citizens created the “Save Trckan Waterfall” initiative group. More than a dozen non-governmental organizations joined the group.

In case of the construction of the hydroelectric power plant, the course of the river would be changed and damage would be done not only to the waterfall, but also to the local biodiversity. Fortunately, thanks to the united forces of the citizens, it was possible to stop the construction of the HPP.

The article was compiled based on observations and materials collected by the ArmLand club.

Author of photos: Artyom Martirosyan