Vorotan river is the largest river in Syunik marz. It begins in Syunik from the northwestern slopes of the volcanic plateau at an altitude of 3045 m of two small lakes. Its length is 119 km, it is the second longest river in the Republic of Armenia.

Vorotan has a developed river network, the average density is 1.09 km/km2. There are 1133 rivers in its basin, 37 of which are more than 10 km long. Sisian, Airiget, Lernashen, Shaki and others are among the most important tributaries.

Vorotan is fed by rainfall (52%), but groundwater (48%) also plays a major role. It has great hydropower and irrigation significance. From Vorotan the canals of Sisian and Vorotan begin, which irrigate Sisian and Goris
agricultural land areas of the regions.

In the sub-banks of the Vorotan River, there are many historical, cultural and spiritual values, as well as places of geographical importance: Tatev Monastery, Tatev Great Desert, Vorotnaberd, Vorotnavank, Shaki waterfall, as well as Satan’s Bridge, one of the wonders of mother nature.

The article was compiled based on observations and materials collected by the ArmLand club.

Author of photos: Artyom Martirosyan