Parz Lake is located in Tavush region, Dilijan National Park, about 15 km to the northeast of Dilijan city, at an altitude of 1330 m. Hidden in the woods, this beauty is a flowing lake and fed by springs.
Parz lake is 300m long and 100m wide. The average depth is about 3 m, and the maximum is 10 m. The surface of the lake occupies an area of 0.027 km², the volume is 83.8 thousand cubic meters. The lake has a landslide prevention origin. Landslides occur frequently in the area of the lake.

The road leading to Parz Lake passes through the unique and leafy forests of the National Park of Dilijan. The only Caucasian deer breeding center in RA is located on the right side on the way up to the lake,. Dozens of young deer are bred, cared for and released free here every year.

Several beautiful hiking trails start from Parz Lake, the most famous and popular of which is the trail leading from Parz Lake to Gosh Lake. The trail completely passes through the forests of the Dilijan National Park. The length of the hike is 10 km.

The article was compiled based on observations and materials collected by the ArmLand club.

Author of photos: Artyom Martirosyan

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