Aragatsotn region is not so rich in mountains and mountain ranges, but it is in this region that the highest point of the Republic of Armenia is located, Mount Aragats with a height of 4090 meters. But no less beautiful and impressive with views from the top is Mount Arteni, which is also called Artin, Artis, etc. The mountain is located on the mountain massif of Arteni: Big Arteni and Small Arteni mountains with heights of 2047 and 1753 meters. The diameter of the Arteni massif is about 10 km and it is composed of lavas of Neogene liparite masses and their varieties.As a result of excavations on the slopes of Mount Arteni, ruins of old Stone Age fortresses and also Middle and New Stone Age tools were found. On the slopes of Mount Arteni, you can also come across caves that are of particular interest among hikers. Arteni mountain is volcanic, and the surrounding area is mountain steppe. In clear weather, you can see Aragats and Ararat mountains, as well as Geghama and Haykakan par mountain ranges from the top of Arteni mountain. Despite the rocky appearance of the summit of Mount Arteni, it is very suitable for non-experienced hikers to gain mountain experience. We start the ascent from Tatul village and the length of the hike is about 10 km, and the relative height is about 500 meters.

The article was compiled based on observations and materials collected by the ArmLand  club.

Authors of photos: Artyom Martirosyan