Hiking Mount Arjanots

Many people are familiar with Mount Artanish, from which Lake Sevan and its surrounding areas are beautifully visible. While the views from Artanish are unparalleled, equally stunning vistas can be enjoyed from the summit of Mount Arjanots, also situated near Lake Sevan on its northwest side. Mount Arjanots is located in the Gegharkunik region and is considered a branch of the Pambak Mountains, spanning about 16 km in length. The highest point of Mount Arjanots is its namesake peak, Arjanots, towering at 2385 meters. The Arjanots Mountains are characterized by valleys intersecting them, adorned with meadows and alpine pastures.

The total length of the hike is 11 km, and from the summit, hikers can relish in incomparable views of the Pambak, Gegama, Sevan, Vardenis, and Areguni ranges. The Sevan Peninsula is clearly discernible. Throughout the journey, hikers are accompanied by the azure-eyed beauty of Sevan. The hike concludes near the city of Sevan. Arjanots presents a particularly enchanting option for winter hikes.