Our activity


The club was founded in 2014. Since that year, we have been the official partner of the Armenian Federation of Alpinism and Mountain Tourism. After 1 year, in 2015, we became the dynamically developing club of the year. During these years, we have carried out more than 1000 hikes, mountain climbs and expeditions both in Armenia and abroad.

We continue to discover the new Armenia and the Armenian highland to date.


Our country is endless and many cannot imagine where the miracle called Armenia begins and ends. We want to open the doors of this wonder to you and show you everything that is beyond your imagination.
Armland Adventure Club was founded in 2014, the club aims to develop tourism in Armenia, especially its eco and extreme destinations, by introducing the population of Armenia, especially young people, to the Armenian highlands, beautiful natural places and historical monuments. All people who love to travel, have adventures and be in harmony with nature can join us.

Let’s discover the Armenian Highland together!


The three symbols of Armenia are depicted on the logo. The Armenian Highlands, the eagle and the sun.

At the heart of the logo is an eagle (or image of an eagle) flying over the mountains at sunrise, symbolizing freedom when you reach the top of the mountain.
Author: Kim Barseghyan