Safety Terms

Safety starts long before the hiker heads onto the trail. With effective pre-planning and research, many accidents and hazards.

Safety is a priority

Safety starts long before the hiker heads onto the trail. With effective pre-planning and research, many accidents and hazards can be avoided such as getting lost, medical incidents, injuries from slips and falls, injuries caused by animals, snakes and insects on the trail!

Following the rules of safety below is extremely important for all of us.


Dear hiker!

Before joining any our hike, please read the Safety Terms. Before each hike, depending on the complexity, type of hike (for example, mountaineering), weather conditions, etc., you will be given information about what you need to take with you, how to physically prepare for the hike.

Safety Terms

1. Strictly follow the instructions of the guide, and in case of unpredictable or extreme situations, inform the guide fulfill all his requirements

2. Pay attention to the condition of your body and inform the group leader if you feel symptoms of cold, poisoning, heat stroke or other bad feelings in time

3. Each participant of the event must have the necessary personal clothing and gear for that very hike, which the participant gets acquainted with before registering. If you still forget to take something, you should inform the group leader before the hike starts.

4. Before swimming in pools, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, waterfalls, inform your group leader of your intentions. If the the group leader urges you not to swim in the area, follow his advice

5. Do not leave the group during breaks. If you need to relax, tell the group leader

6. When on the route, the participants should not be ahead of the group leader or stay behind the group, and shoud not change the path without consent

7. If you have lost your way or are behind the group, stay in place, do not panic, give signals by voice or other means of communication

8. Follow fire safety rules. Do not light a fire without warning the group leader

9. Do not leave garbage after you and do not damage nature or cultural monuments

10. It is not recommended to try unfamiliar berries, mushrooms, smell or collect unknown flowers, they can be toxic

11. The use of alcohol during the whole trip is strictly forbidden

12. Smoking inside the car is prohibited during the internal movement of the road

13. Keep discipline within the group, help other members of the group in any situation 


Note: As a result of any illegal behavior of a participant (which was manifested by not following the instructions of the group leader, as well as disobeying the rules of the club) all losses incurred by the club are subject to compensation in accordance with the Civil Legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

If the progress of the group during the trails is dangerous as a result of bad weather conditions, as well as health problems of one of the group members, the group leader has the right to stop the group and return the group back.

If the hiker / participant does not comply with the requirements of the group leader or violates the above-mentioned “Safety Terms”, the leader is no longer responsible for the life or health of the hiker. Moreover, in this case, the manager has the right to exclude the participant who violated the safety rules during the hike, without refund.

If the hike requires mountaineering or other experience, the group leader informs all the participants wishing to take part in that very hike in advance. In case of hiding information about not having enough experience or about any medical contraindications, the participant is responsible for all possible negative consequences.


Armland Adventure Club wishes you safe hikes!