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ENHYRU+374 44 880058 armland8@gmail.com
Availability : July - August
Armenia, Yerevan
Turkey, Dogubayazit
Max People : 200

Climbing Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat is the highest volcanic massif in the Armenian Highland. It consists of two peaks: Big Ararat (Masis) and Small Ararat (Sis). The absolute height of Big Ararat is 5137m, the relative height is 4365m.

Mount Ararat is not only the highest point of the Armenian Highland, but also the symbol of Armenia.

Our company has been climbing 5000+ mountains for 8 years, the most significant of which is the ascent to Mount Ararat.

  • 10.08 - 16.08.2024
  • 24.08 - 29.08.2024

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

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To Mount Ararat


Day 1. Yerevan - Georgia -Turkish border - Dogubayazit

Our first day will start with the road trip Armenia-Georgia-Turkey. First, we will visit Kars, will see the Castle of Kars (12th century) and the Cathedral of Kars (Holy Apostles Church, 10th century). After we will take the direction to Bayazet.

Overnight at a hotel in Dogubayazit.

Day 2. Ararat Base camp (3200 m)

The next day we will approach up to 2200 meters by offroad cars, where we will begin hiking. After 4-5 hours of hiking, the group will get to the first camp at the altitude of 3200 m, where they will have an overnight in the base camp in tents.

Day 3. Ararat second camp (4100 m) - Acclimatization

In the morning the group will climb to the second camp at 4100 m, where hikers will have a rest and will get prepared for the last push to the summit. Overnight will be at 4100 m (second camp).

Day 4. Ararat summit (5137 m)

At 1:00-2:00am we will start to climb to the summit. When the group reaches the top of Mt Ararat, we will celebrate our successfull ascent and take some photos. Afterwards, the group will start to descent to the camp located at 4100 m, then to the camp at 3200 m, and will take an overnight there.

Day 5. Transfer to Dogubayazit

After the breakfast hikers will go down to 2200m and will be transferred to the hotel in Dogubayazit and will have a rest. In the evening we will celebrate our ascent.

Day 6. Lake Van - Berkri Waterfall - Akhtamar Island

In the morning our group will arrive in Van. We’ll visit the amazing Berkri waterfall on the road, Armenian St. Cross church in Akhtamar. Afterwards, the group will arrive in Tushpa fortress (Van castle, 9th century BC), where the mausoleums of Urartian kings (Sarduri and Argishti) and inscriptions are kept. After we will return to Dogubayazit.

Overnight in Dogubayazit.

Day 7. Dogubayazit - Ani - Yerevan

In the morning the group will go to Ani, the city of thousand and one churches. Then we will head to Yerevan.

Trekking gear for Mount Ararat ascent

  • Professional mountaineering outwear
  • Professional mountaineering boots
  • Thermo wear
  • Extra warm clothes
  • 2 backpacks (60-70 L and 20-35 L)
  • Hiking raincoat
  • Sleeping bag (-5 -10 °C)
  • Trekking poles
  • 2 pairs of gloves (heated fleece gloves and windproof gloves)
  • Hiking gaiters
  • Winter and summer hats
  • Medical kit (first-aid kit)
  • Mountaineering sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Head torch
  • Thermal bottle




  • Transport
  • Overnights at good quality hotels
  • Service of professional mountain guides
  • Cook service on the mountain
  • Transfer of heavy items and backpacks by horses
  • Tents, mattresses, crampons
  • Tour to Van
  • The price of the VISA (for citizens of RA
  • Permit


  • Air tickets
  • Meals
  • Alcohol
  • Personal gear
  • Entrance ticket to Ani


The group will guide the founder of Armland, professional mountain guide Gohar Sargsyan and a local guide.

During the ascent to Mount Ararat, the heavy items of the participants will be moved by horses.

Depending on weather conditions, one additional overnight stay on the mountain is possible, for which no additional fee will be charged from the participants.

Our company will help you in choosing the necessary equipment, and in a specialized shop that cooperates with us group members will be given discounts.

After climbing all participants will be given certificates for climbing Mount Ararat from Armland Adventure Club and Alpinism Federation of Armenia.


7 reasons to climb Mount Ararat with Armland

9 - years experience in the mountain tourism industry
Our company has been organizing mountain climbing and hiking for nine years in a row
high mountain ascents
Since 2015 our company has been making 5000m+ mountain climbs, such as Elbrus, Ararat, Kazbek, Damavand, Kilimanjaro.
One of the main principles of the club is to ensure the safety of the participants.
More than 200 positive feedbacks
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Qualified staff
Our groups are guided by highly experienced mountain guides led by Artyom Martirosyan.
Technical and physical preparations
Our experienced staff will help you better prepare for your ascent. We also help you choose the right mountain equipment.
Certificate of the Mountaineering Federation of Armenia
After the successfull ascent all participants will be handed certificates from Armland and Armenian Mountaineering and Mountain Tourism Federation
A film about one of our climbs to Mount Ararat
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Marriage proposal on the top of Mount Ararat

Dreams come true in the mountains
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