THIS is a unique, all inclusive author’s VIP tour of Armenia, the only tour of its kind, thanks to which you can get acquainted with one of the oldest countries in the world through 4 elements. Thanks to the selected unique hotels, you will disconnect from your everyday life, enjoy comfort, get a charge of new energy, learn about the most ancient architecture of the world, and get acquainted with the multifaceted natural phenomena and landscapes and majestic mountains.


09:00 Arrival in Yerevan

Transfer from Airport to the Alexander hotel*****

10:00 We will have a unique opportunity to take an excursion from the AIR – by helicopter we will take an overview of Yerevan and see its unique architecture from above, after which we will go by helicopter to the most popular and beautiful reservoir in Armenia – the Azat reservoir

10:30 In the Azat reservoir we will have breakfast with the most beautiful view and with a bonus view to the majestic mountain – Ararat.

11:30 Kayaking awaits us at the Azat Reservoir.

12:30 Azat reservoir- Garni

12:45 Excursion to the only pagan and ancient temple, Armenian Athens – Garni. The temple is unique and one of a kind, from there there is a view of a unique natural phenomenon – a Stone Symphony.

13:15 Garni-Geghard

13:30 Geghard Monastery is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery of Geghard contains a number of churches and tombs, most of them cut into the rock, which illustrate the very peak of Armenian medieval architecture.

14:00 Geghard-Garni

14:15 Lunch at Noahs’ Garden. See and feel the Armenian culture at one place. Armenian cuisine appetizers, take master classes in pottery, woodworking, carpet weaving and baking lavash, enjoy Armenian cuisine in restaurant Maran and shop Armenian goods.

17:00 Noah’s Garden – Goght

17:30 Trip to our comfortable and cozy hotel, the room offers a one-of-a-kind view of Mount Ararat. The hotel is in a completely new and interesting format.

You can also enjoy and relax in the bathhouse or ride horses. The hotel is located in the mountains with absolutely clean air.


Overnight in the hotel Dreamy Domes


08:30 Breakfast

09:30 You will begin to have a unique experience. Excursion to the extinct volcanoes of Armenia. Mount Azhdahak is the third highest mountain in Armenia. It is also called the Red Planet or the Armenian Rainbow Mountain.

One of the most interesting experiences that will bring you a lot of emotions is a trip to the side of the Mountain in Soviet trucks. These are the only cars that can drive along these rocky roads, you will be transported to the old Soviet times and get a lot of adrenaline.

10:30 Hike to Mount Azhdahak. Along the way you can see many lakes in volcanic craters, colorful mountains, the landscape will change all the time and you will see all the beauty of the Armenian landscape on your journey.

From the peak of Azhdahak you can see the largest lake in Armenia- Sevan, it is also called the Armenian sea, from afar the lake is often confused with the sky. At the peak of the mountain there is the largest volcanic lake in kratar.

On the way we will have snacks and rest.

17:30 Back to the Hotel

18:30-19:00 Dinner

Overnight in the hotel Dreamy Domes


10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Goght-Sevan

13:00 Lunch with the most delicious Sevan dishes

14:00 An easy climb to Mount Artanish, this is the only mountain from where we can see the Armenian pearl – Lake Sevan from edge to edge, in its entirety.

We will go down from the mountain using paragliders. We will be accompanied by certified and experienced paragliders.

17:00 After we descend, we will go to the Armenian Camp on the coast of Lake Sevan.
Water activities.
We can choose water entertainment – SUP boarding. kayaking. We can ride a yacht and swim in a mountain lake.

18:30-19:00 We will go to our beautiful hotel overlooking Sevan on the coast of Sevan, there we will see a beautiful sunset and we will have an Armenian national dinner.

After dinner you can take a walk along the coast or gather around the fire.

Overnight at the hotel.

DAY 4.  Earth

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Sevan – Dilijan trip

12:00 We will start our tour from Haghartsin monastery .

We will start our hike from Haghartsin. Our road will pass through beautiful Ijevan mountains to one of the most beautiful and popular mountains in Armenia, Dimats.

On the way we will see a hidden waterfall, which is located in the forest and few have seen this miracle.

14:30 Our horse riding will start from the Dimats slopes to the Sartsapat mountain.

On the way up the mountain we can see wild horses. the mountain is known for its incredible scenery.

16:00 Dimats – Gosh.

17:00 Jeeping to the lake Gosh.

19:00 Dinner in a colorful local place.

20:00 Back to Yerevan