On June 30, we go on a hike to the Trchkan waterfall, which is a natural monument and is located on the border of Lori and Shirak. Trchkan is the highest waterfall in Armenia, the height is 23.5 m. The hike will pass through the Chichkan gorge.

Campaign type: easy.

Departure time – 07:30

Return time – 19:00


9500 DRAM

To participate in the campaign it is necessary to have:
• comfortable hiking shoes
• comfortable clothes
• warm clothes
• change of clothes
• backpack
• warm and summer hat
• sunglasses
• rain jacket
• medicine box
• sunscreen
• flashlight
• food for one day
Bottled water is provided by our club

Confirm participation , call and register in advance by the following phone number 044 88 00 58 or write to our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ArmlandAdventure/
We meet at Republic Square, the beginning of Vazgen Sargsyan Street, near to the Marriott Hotel, at 07:30.