On July 21, we invite all adventurers to the event of two caves. Magellan Cave is the largest cave in Armenia. The temperature in the cave is 14 degrees all year round, so this is a great opportunity to cool off from the Yerevan heat. People lived in the cave, as evidenced by the finds of ancient tools, products, and the remains of a bear were also found. After Magellan Cave, we will have a tour of the oldest winery in the world – Areni 1 Cave. It was in this cave that the oldest shoe in the world was found. Before arriving in Yerevan, we will visit Noravank Monastery (13-14th century), which is distinguished by its unique architecture and is famous for its wall-mounted outdoor staircases.

The price includes

Guide services


Pass to Magellan Cave

Entrance tickets to Areni 1






15.500 DRAM

Confirm your participation,

call and register in advance at 044 88 00 58 or write to our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/ArmlandAdventure/

Meet us at Republic Square, at the beginning of Vazgen Sargsyan Street, near the Marriott Hotel.