This tour is the only tour of its kind in all of Armenia and in the countries of this region. It is imbued with ideas from the film “The Lord of the Rings” and “the Hobbit”, the tour will be interesting both for fans of the film and for those who appreciate nature, uniqueness, and want to get new emotions accompanied by the most beautiful Armenian nature. Armenia has all the natural scenery for this film, try a new experience with our company.

Day 1. Day of GANDELF

Our representatives will meet you at the Zvartnots International Airport and take you to your epic hotel. The hotel is located in the city of Dilijan. Our tour in the world of the hobbit begins from this hotel.

12:00 We will go to the territory of the National Park and begin a fairy hike through the dense forest that is located in the mountains, hiking to a hidden waterfall, you will be one of the few people who have seen this secret waterfall.

14:00  From the hidden waterfall we continue our way through the forests on the slope of the evergreen Mount Dimats.

There is no fantasy without horses, so horses will be waiting for us on the slope and will lead us closer to the clouds and we will see all the epic views and go up the mountain Sartsapat.

Along the road you can meet wild horses and flying eagles.

16:00 At the top of the mountain we will meet the keeper of one of the three elven rings, Gandalf. He will meet us and tell us where to find the elf’s ring.

After that we have a picnic in the evergreen meadows of the fairy mountain.

18:00-19:00 Return to the Hobbit settlement.

We’ll have dinner cooked over the fire.

Overnight in the Hobbit houses.


Day 2.  Day of the DRAGON

07:30 After a hearty breakfast, we will go to a place where, according to legend, a powerful evil dragon lived, whose name was Azhdahak. he was killed by the Armenian king.

Mount Azhdahak is the third highest mountain in Armenia. It is also called the Red Planet or the Armenian Rainbow Mountain.

10:30 Hike to Mount Azhdahak. Along the way you can see many lakes in volcanic craters, colorful mountains, the landscape will change all the time and you will see all the beauty of the Armenian landscape on your journey.

From the peak of Azhdahak you can see the largest lake in Armenia- Sevan, it is also called the Armenian sea, from afar the lake is often confused with the sky. At the peak of the mountain there is the largest volcanic lake in crater.

At the top of Mount Azhdahak we must find the elf’s ring and a letter from Gandalf where there is a riddle, by answering which we can find out where the next ring is.

On the way we will have snacks and rest.

17:30 Back to the Hotel.

18:30-19:00 Dinner.

Overnight in the Dreamy Domes.

Day 3.  Day of GOLLUM

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Way to the cave of Gollum.

12:30 Lunch will be at the Hobbit Tavern. The tavern is located in a cave and the main dish will be khorovats made in tondyr. We will watch a unique and unusual preparation. And of course ,on the table there will be the elves’ drink Miruvor, and the hobbits’ favorite drink – aromatic tea.

13:30 Gollum’s cave is located on the territory of the oldest winery in the world. We will have a small excursion to this winery in the cave.

After which we will go to Magellan Cave (Gollum’s cave) where we will find the third ring.

16:30 Way to Yerevan.

18:30 Dinner in Vostan, colorful Armenian restaurant.

Overnight in The Grand Hotel.

Day 4.  Departure from the airport

After a delicious breakfast, our driver will take you to the airport.


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  • Personal gear

Author of photos: Artyom Martirosyan, Artyom Barseghyan

Some materials was taken from google search